Tax Effective Investment and Superannuation

Putting money aside for your future needs.

Tax Effectiveness

Wealth creation through investing simply means “growing assets” as opposed to a retiree which might be drawing down or living off the wealth created during their working life. There are some tax effective ways of accumulating financial assets with varying levels of risk that needs to be tailored to suit each client.

Deciding on whether access to capital is needed and the time frame comes down to individual strategies for clients to match their needs. Strategic use of superannuation, tax paid bonds or simply using a spouse who may have a lower taxation rate are all considerations on how wealth is best accumulated.

We work with you to take advantage of the concessionally taxed superannuation environment, including superannuation consolidation, asset allocation and portfolio construction, investment types, and compliance with contribution and withdrawal regulations. Spouse superannuation splitting can also be an effective strategy when there is a significant age difference.

Reviewing contribution opportunities to reduce tax on income is also part of the client review process before June 30th.

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