Superannuation Strategies

Strategies for investing in super.


We work with you to take advantage of the concessionally taxed superannuation environment, including superannuation consolidation, asset allocation and portfolio construction, investment types, and compliance with contribution and withdrawal regulations. Spouse superannuation splitting can also be an effective strategy when there is a significant age difference.


Reviewing contribution opportunities to reduce tax on income is also part of the client review process before June 30th

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I received an inheritance before I was ready to retire. Alan has set out an estate plan that our solicitor has put in place that has covered our children and grandchildren. At the same time, he has reviewed our superannuation and has used the inheritance to add to our super that now makes tax free payments to us. He called it a transition to retirement strategy.

It is amazing to us how much our super has grown and how we are hardly paying any tax.

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