Review and recommendation of policies.

Personal & Business Insurances

Reviewing any existing personal insurance arrangements you or your family may have and recommending the policies best suited to your near and long term needs.

Be properly protected

In the event of disability, injury or death, we can make sure that your family is provided for.  Some policies can be paid for from your superannuation policy.  We will review your current situation and provide the best advice and policies.  It’s important for your family to be insured at the correct level.

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Jonathon Tickle reviewed my existing insurance in my industry superannuation fund which was not adequate.  By writing more comprehensive insurance on level premiums he saved us money over the long term and gave us greater peace of mind.

We were able to keep the industry superannuation fund but with better insurance.

Within a matter of weeks, a football injury enabled a successful claim under the insurance which would not have been covered by the previous insurance we held.  This prevented a financial catastrophe.

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